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The JoGo Project is a band from Washington, DC that combines elements of Jazz, R&B, Funk, even Rock, and of course Go-Go musics to create a fresh fusion sound, soon to be known as JoGo. Go-Go music is the indigenous style of music from Washington, DC created by music legend Chuck Brown, who started as a Jazz/Blues guitar player and vocalist. Chuck Brown was affectionately known as the "Godfather of Go-Go", and along with other pioneers Little Benny and Ricky Wellman, the Go-Go sound was created. Eventually Chuck released hit songs like Bustin' Loose, It Don't Mean a Thing, Run Joe, and We Need Some Money...to name a few. DC also has a strong history of Jazz and R&B, with native legends such as Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, and Roberta Flack. The mission of The JoGo Project is to bridge these gaps, and to bring to you a fresh, healthy blend of styles that will have you bopping your head, and on the dance floor before the night's over! Founded by DC-based saxophonist and composer Elijah Balbed (who worked Chuck Brown the last year of his life), the goal of The JoGo Project is to unite cultures and communities, by introducing Jazz fans to Go-Go and vice versa, and hopefully discovering new musical territories during this journey. We hope you come along for the ride! 

In the spirit of the Godfather, the late, great Chuck Brown, we want everybody to come together as one and experience the music and vibes together. Chuck always spread love and positivity wherever he went, and we're dedicated to keeping that movement ALIVE!

Photo courtesy of Darwyn Dave Photography

Photo courtesy of Darwyn Dave Photography

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