The JoGo Project is an ensemble of musicians who all come from different backgrounds to create a fresh fusion sound that appeals both to the mind and the body. Founded in 2014 by Chuck Brown alumnus Elijah Balbed, the group features several other DC natives as well as graduates from Howard University who have since claimed DC as their home. Currently working on their Debut EP, The JoGo Project brings has been known to bring audiences on their feet, so if you come to a show be ready to dance!


What is Go-Go?

Go-Go music is the indigenous genre from Washington, DC created by the legendary Chuck Brown, known as the "Godfather of Go-Go". It is known for its steady beat, heavy percussion, and most notably for crowd participation via call and response. Go-Go in DC like Reggae in Jamaica or Bossa Nova in Brazil. It's the sound of the city!


What is JoGo?

In addition to a band, JoGo is a concept. It's continuing the tradition that Chuck Brown started of taking jazz standards, pop covers, and even movie themes and putting them over a Go-Go beat. Jazz + Go-Go = JoGo!


How was the band formed?

The band was formed by saxophonist Elijah Balbed as a culmination of his residency at Strathmore in May of 2014. Elijah was fortunate to perform with the late Mr. Chuck Brown for the last year of The Godfather's life, which inspired Elijah to continue Chuck's legacy by starting a group of his own.


Venues/Festivals Performed:

  • Funk Parade
  • H Street Festival
  • Blues Alley
  • Velvet Lounge
Photo courtesy of Darwyn Dave Photography

Photo courtesy of Darwyn Dave Photography

Upcoming Shows

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